Why did you increase doctors’ appointment prices?

Gennev is raising the standard of care for menopause. To do so, we source and train the most experienced, NAMs-certified Ob/Gyns in the nation. With the rising demand for high-quality specialists and our desire to fairly compensate our doctors, we have made the difficult decision to raise our prices.

We also believe that a high standard of care for menopause involves a team approach. Every time you book an appointment with a doctor, you’re not only getting dedicated 1:1 time (30 or 20 minutes depending on appointment type) with that professional, but you're also a team of menopause experts that support you pre and post-appointment. 

Our provider coordinators can answer many questions about prescription medications, how to pick them up, when you need to rebook with the doctor for a follow-up, and how you can also work with a health coach to improve lifestyle factors important for improving menopause symptoms. It’s this white-glove approach to your care that we are able to sustain through the price we charge

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