I need to change my credit card for my subscription.

Here are the steps to update the credit card for your subscription:

  1. Log into your account at shop.gennev.com and click on "Manage Subscriptions." You'll see the link to your right of your screen if you're on a laptop, or scroll to the bottom of the page if you're on mobile.
  2. Click on "Payment Methods" to the right of your screen if you're on desktop, or click on the 3 lines and choose "Payment Methods" from the dropdown menu if you're on mobile.
  3. Click "Add payment method" to add the new card.
  4. Once you've added your card, click on the new card and choose which subscriptions you'd like to move to this new card. This is the most important step of the process! If you do not select the subscriptions to move to the new card, then the subscriptions will continue to be charged to the old payment methods.
  5. At this point, you can choose to delete your old payment method(s) or leave it there for future reference.

If you see an error message that your email is not recognized or you do not receive a password reset email, then please email us at supporrt@gennev.com with the email address attached to your order or subscription. Our Care Team will manually send an account creation or verification link to the attached email. You can also try to create your own account, using the same email connected with your order or subscription. 

Note: We email our subscriptions 3 days notice about an upcoming charge. If you want to change your credit card after payment is processed, please email us at support@gennev.com. If possible, we'll hand the refund on your old card and process payment on the new card.

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