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    Thank you for your post. Disrupted sleep and anxiety are very common during peri/post menopause. The good news there are a variety to strategies that can help. Here are some things to consider based on the situation you described.

    • Revisit your HRT prescription. Talk to the physician who prescribed your HRT about other options. There are certain forms of HRT which support sleep more than others. Our telemedicine providers, trained specifically in menopause, can also help you find the HRT option that is best for you at this point in your menopause journey. You can learn more about working with them here.
    • CBD and magnesium can also support sleep for women during menopause. Gennev has formulated two CBD supplements (one with melatonin and one without) and a magnesium glycinate supplement that can be taken before bed to help improve sleep. 
    • Sleep can also be impacted by A LOT of factors this article examines some of these with strategies for better sleep.

    Given that every women's menopause experience is unique, working with one of our health coaches with specific training in menopause and nutrition can also help to determine the best plan for optimizing your sleep. Learn more about this option here

    Stasi Kasianchuk MS, RDN, CSSD, CSCS, EP-C
    Gennev Director of Health Coaching

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