Has anyone tried Gabapentin for hot flashes and anxiety?


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  • rdunsmoorsu

    Hi everyone, Dr. Rebecca here.

    I prescribe gabapentin from time to time for hot flashes. The data for it shows some good results. Although it is technically an old anti seizure medicine, we don't really use it for that, it is more commonly a pain medication and it seems to turn down the volume on nerves. It can also be sedating, so is a good choice if your hot flashes are more at night. This is a good choice for some patients who can not take estrogen, but need some relief.

    On a personal note I use it for my nighttime hot flashes and do see good result myself from using it. If you are considering a medication like this, or estrogen please ask your doctor (or ours!) about it. We are happy to explain the options, and the risks and benefits of different medications.

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