Anyone having heart palpatations and weird sensations?



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    These can all be common during menopause. Heart palpitations and any strange cardiac sensations should always be shared with your physician to be assessed for any serious cardiac conditions. Estrogen does impact cardiovascular health, so as estrogen levels change through peri- and post menopause this can impact heart health. 

    Irritability, moodiness, and brain fog are also symptoms of changing hormone levels. Each of these articles have more info:

    Hormonal changes can also impact your caffeine metabolism. Noticing a decreased tolerance for caffeine is common. Switching to decaf beverages is recommended if the caffeine intolerance is disruptive to you. 

    The feeling of being wired, but tired is another common experience during menopause. This article provides strategies to help support restful sleep. 

    Muscle twitching and restless leg syndrome yes, another symptom that often arises with the hormonal changes that occur with menopause. Check out this article to learn more.

    Has anyone else experienced these symptoms? What have you found to be helpful in managing these?


    Stasi Kasianchuk MS, RDN, CSSD, CSCS, EP-C
    Gennev Director of Health Coaching

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  • rdunsmoorsu

    Dr. Rebecca here chiming in: heart palpitations and anxiety can be a very common symptoms, especially through peri-menopause. That being said I alway recommend you get this evaluated with your doctor, as this is around the time when heart disease starts to show up in women. Remember, women have different signs of heart attack, such as nausea, jaw pain, arm pain, and sometimes palpitations. SO take it seriously, get it checked out, THEN you can chalk it up to menopause!


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