Anyone else have SI joint pain in perimenopause or menopause?


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    Thank you so much for bringing this up. Joint pain in general is very common during menopause and the sacroiliac (SI) is certainly one that can be impacted. The SI joint is where your lower spine and pelvis connect and often the pain is related to inflammation in the joint. I would recommend reaching out to a physical therapist who can assess your specific pain symptoms and provide specific treatment strategies to target this. 

    I would also recommend integrating strategies that can support your body's ability to manage inflammation and joint pain.

    Has anyone else experienced joint pain during peri/post menopause? Does any have other strategies that you have found to be helpful in alleviating joint pain? Please share!

    Stasi Kasianchuk MS, RDN, CSSD, CSCS, EP-C
    Gennev Director of Health Coaching

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