Has anyone else experienced low self esteem and self worth since menopause?


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  • rdunsmoorsu

    Thank you, thank you for saying this out loud. Depression in perimenopause and menopause is real, and can really harm women, their health, and rob them of the joy they should have. First, please do a self check and make sure you do not have feelings of self harm. If you do, please call your doctor immediately, or the national suicide hotline at 800-273-8255.

    Can hormones help, yes, sometimes. There are estrogen receptors in all parts of the brain, and progesterone also impacts mood. I find that for about 50% of women, HRT can help with mood. I worry for you that the self worth and self esteem issues stem from a deeper depression, though, and I would like you to consider talking to a counselor to help with these.

    I know you mentioned "bio-identical" hormones, I hope you mean FDA regulated ones! Compounded hormones are less safe, and should be avoided as we have great FDA regulated bio-identical versions that can be dose adjusted to fit you (we have lots of education on this subject available on gennev.com). 

    Whatever you do, please reach out for help, you do not need to feel like this!

    Dr. Rebecca

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