What is Gennev's Fax Number?

If your pharmacy needs to fax a document to Gennev for your prescription needs, we recommend you follow these steps:
1 - Chat in or Email Sheri, our Patient Coordinator, at Sheri@gennev.com to let us know that a fax will be coming through to us that is relevant to your care so we can be on the lookout.
2 - Fax documents to 833-931-1081. We recommend using a cover sheet for all faxes so that we can be sure we received all of the pages of information. 
3 - Once you or your pharmacy receive a successful fax transmission alert, please allow our team up to 24 business hours to respond to follow up with you on the status of what was received. 

Please note, if this is a Prior Authorization, please allow up to 48 business hours for this to be completed and submitted back to the party who submitted it to us, likely your insurance company or your pharmacy. There are some instances where this can take longer depending on what documentation is needed, but we will update you on the status of Prior Authorization Requests within 48 business hours and keep you informed as we work diligently in supporting your documentation needs. 

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